Urban Tampa Redevelopment

Existing Site Images

Existing Figure Ground (Left) vs Proposed Figure Ground (Right)

Master Site Plan Including Green Adhesive and Park Development

Subsistence Farming and Crop Sharing Within New Green Community

Harmful Highway Debris Filtration System


Midtown – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida’s midtown district, is in complete disarray. In this amorphic region, residences and businesses lack order in their planning, intercity transitions contain breaks in its continuity, and self-sufficiency is a rarety. Midtown is a region that lies between the boundaries of I275 (northeast corner where it intersects with I4), the Crosstown Expressway (southeast), Ybor City (east), and Downtown Tampa (south). The lack of organization and the large block sizes break the cohesion that its northern counterpart, South Tampa District, and Downtown Tampa currently have. It was the goal of this project to bring order to Midtown Tampa while uniting it with the northern and southern areas of the city, ultimately, bringing Midtown a rejuvinated identity.


  • Extention and repairing of the existing grid
  • Establish Midtown as a singular identity
  • Establish Nebraska Ave as the hierarcical street connector of the region
  • Create a “Green Adhesive” which is a sustainable ring that encompasses midtown, made up of subsistance farming, parks, open spaces, and fields.


Group Members: Jason Abrams, Wes Bradley, Christina Theoharide