St. Petersburg Resort Hotel

Site Location

Southwest View to Downtown St. Petersburg


The St. Petersburg Pier needs to be torn down. Designed in the early 1970's, the Pier is nearing its life span and is due a replacement in the near future. Currently, the Pier is an inverted pyramid that is viewed as the cities icon. Yet, due to its present condition, the Pier needs to be remodeled or redeveloped all together. Additionally, there lies a disconnect between it and the Downtown district due west of its location. The goal of this project was to redesign an icon for the city in the form of a resort hotel while establishing a passive green space connector establishing a link between the proposal and the Downtown area.

Additional Goals:
– Provide a structure tall enough to establish views east (Downtown) and west (Tampa Bay)
– Bring visitors to the area through retail and passive amenities
– Provide sufficient parking for visitors and hotel guests
– Enhance surrounding context (foliage, habitat, private beach etc.)